Like Botamochi? Soft and chewy Japanese traditional sweets, Shinjuku, Sentarou


Do you know Botamochi? It is an oval shaped Japanese traditional sweet. Some people call it Ohagi. If you are a Japanese confectionery fan, maybe you have ever heard its name.

Today I wanna introduce Sentarou’s Aojiso-Bota to you, that is one of the most famous Botamochi in Kyoto.

You don’t have your plan to go to Kyoto? Don’t worry. You can try tasting Sentarou’s Aojiso-Bota at Shinjuku, Tokyo!

Sentarou’s store is at Shinjuku Isetan B1.

Isetan is a famous department store in Japan. There are a lot of sweets stores at B1 foor.


Sentarou is written as ’’仙太郎’’ in Japanese Kanji.


Especially Sentarou is one of the most popular Japanese confectionery store at Shinjuku Isetan.

When you go there, you will see a long queue in front of the store counter.

Aojiso-Bota is below.

The look is typical Botamochi shape and color but there is only one difference.

Firstly, it is made from glutinous rice coated with sweet red bean paste.

When a confectioner makes red bean paste, ordinary he mixes a little salt into them.

The reason why he mixes some salt into the paste is bringing out the sweetness by putting salt.


Sentarou has much more interesting and cool way to bring out the sweetness!

They put AOJISO into Botamochi instead of salt.

AOJISO is Japanese basil. They put Japanese basil pickled in salt to Botamochi.

So this sweet is named Aojiso-Bota!


It’s very delicious! The size is like a child fist, it’s not mouthful. Chewy and Soft! The balance between sweetness and saltiness is marvelous!


You can see some Aojiso in it!


Wooooh! Just I’m looking, I wanna really eat it right now!

When you come to Shinjuku Tokyo, You should buy Aojiso-Bota at Sentarou in Shinjuku Isetan!


Sentarou Isetan Shinjuku store
Address:Isetan Shinjuku store, Shinjuku3-14-1, Shinjukuku, Tokyo





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