1. 青シソ、牡丹餅

    Like Botamochi? Soft and chewy Japanese traditional sweets, Shinjuku, Sentarou

    Do you know Botamochi? It is an oval shaped Japanese traditional sweet. Some people call it Ohagi. If you are a Japanese…

  2. すずめや、メニュー

    One of the most popular DORAYAKI store in Tokyo, Ikebukuro Suzumeya

    If you would like to taste a real Japanese DORAYAK…

  3. 味咲き、たいやき

    Get Taiyaki at Ajisaki if you visit Ikebukuro, Tokyo

    Taiyaki is Japanese popular sweets.Do you know…

  4. 焼き立て、出来立て、生クリームどら焼き、アップ

    Dorayaki hot fresh from griddle is delicious unbelievably out of this world, Awaya-Soubei

    If you like dorayaki, you really should get Awaya-…


  1. 一福百果、清光堂
  2. おだんご先生、手作り和菓子教室、親子
  3. 神馬屋、こしあんどら焼き、半分
  4. ノメル、nomel、和菓子、マリアージュ
  5. 薫風、レモンどら焼き


  1. 養老軒、生どらやき、盛り付け
  2. もちぱい、半分、中身
  3. 人形町風鈴あんみつ、盛り付け
  4. こくっとろうる
  5. 四国銘菓 ハタダ栗タルト